Healthcare Business Education, Inc. 
Solutions for Human Service and Public Safety Agencies 
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Healthcare Business Education, Inc. (HBE)

Serves state and local agencies and health and human service providers


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CDL Screen Prints

(Click on the links below to display CDL screen prints)

Reports are created in a Snapshot Viewer format, click on the hyperlink to install viewer SnpVw90.exe

Client Section

bulletMain Menu
bulletPerson Search
bulletFamily Record
bulletPerson Information
bulletPerson Risks
bulletPerson Assets
bulletPerson Notes
bulletPerson Resources
bulletPerson Referrals
bulletPerson Contacts
bulletPerson Outcomes
bulletPerson Assessments
bulletPerson Participation
bulletPerson Participation Days Calendar
bulletPerson Participation Hours Calendar

Reporting Section

bulletMain Menu
bulletStandard Report Wizard



Outcomes Report Wizard (see below)

- Assessment Comparison Report (9 pages)

- Assessment Comparison Family Based Report (2 pages)

- Asset Count Report (5 pages)

- Asset Identification Report (7 pages)

- Participation Report (6 pages)

- Quick Entry Report (9 pages)

- Risk Count Report (8 pages)

- Risk Elimination Report (5 pages)

- Risk Identification Report (5 pages)

- Risk Reduction Report (6 pages)

Note:  On the bottom left hand corner of all reports is a right arrow that will take you to the next or previous page(s).

Quick Entry Screen

bulletMain Menu


bulletQuick Entry Screen

- Quick Entry Report

Provider Section

bullet Main Menu

Technology and Tools that help local agencies be more accountable and efficient